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Related post: Date: erection young photo Thu, 9 Feb 2006 15:44:05 -0800 (PST) From: Bert Carley Subject: Renaldo and Sean - Pt. 7The following story is fiction. It involves sexually explicit erotic events between males. If you are offended by such material or are too young, live where it is not allowed, don't read the story. In the world of this story, the characters do not always use condoms. Make sure you protect yourself from disease in the real world by always using a condom. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the author and Sean young teens masturbating - Part 6 (ended with)After having his father to son talk with Sean about the dangers lurking for a gay young man, Daddy himself put the meat to his son. Part 6 and the story concluded with his father saying the youngest kiddie porn following. "You can have what ever kind of sex you want with me that turns you on, as long as you follow the rules we establish for you and always come to Daddy when you want dick in this hot tight snatch. Remember, I will punish you if we find out you have been a bad boy and taken up with any straight, bisexual or gay guys that want to abuse and control you, mold you into their sex slave for their pleasure, benefit or monetary gain. You are too special young pornt to us Sean to just let you turn your life very young lollitas into a shambles by users young whores baby."I have received many emails from reader's that have been following my story. They are upset that I ended the story so abruptly in chapter 6. They claim Sean pussy young innocent would never break off his relationships with young porn 13 Renaldo and Carlos. Add to that, the fact that Renaldo's older brother Jesse has also taken his pleasures with Sean and introduced him to even wilder bedroom games he never knew existed. The readers insist Sean's Cuban cocksmen have treated him to so much sexual gratification already, he will never be able to refuse them access to his talented teen-age tunnel of love young naked lollitas or throbbing throat muscles.I will write a few more chapters and we shall see what develops. I may prove you all wrong, or I may not! Will Sean redirect his lust toward his dad and tell the Cuban thugs to blow it out their ear, or will Sean continue relationships with the Cuban hunks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renaldo and Sean - Part 7After screwing Sean again, he and his dad cuddled up together and fell asleep. When Sean awoke, daddy was gone from young beach nude his bed. He thought about his sister squealing on him, especially since she had sex with young boys tgp Renaldo herself. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. Finally, he knocked on the bathroom door leading to his sister Tracy's bedroom and entered. She was standing looking at him with a big Cheshire Cat smile across her face as she spoke. "Well, did you and D-A-D-D-Y ever have a good time together this morning little brother. I thought you two were going to cause the neighbors to place a domestic violence call into 911 your squeals and his moaning were young toon sex so loud. The old guy can still fuck ass alright!" Sean never cracked a smile."Why did you fresh young porn have to squeal on me sis?"She responded instantly, "I had to baby brother. Daddy was driving through the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, saw Renaldo's van parked out front, stopped and sneaked in to the house. He watched both of us, what we were doing with Renaldo in my bedroom. Later last night he and 'Mommy Dearest' interrogated me, young naked cheerleaders threatened to take the car and all my gained privileges away from me again unless I coughed up the truth immediately. I would have probably been able to young drunk convince them both that Renaldo was my boyfriend had he sexy young 16 been fucking me rather than you. Anyway, I caved in, couldn't think fucking young teens fast enough to keep up with 'The Wicked Witch of the East' and her sordid interrogation. Daddy I probably would have been able to hand a line of bull shit were he alone, but the two of them together just got the truth out of me. However, I never told them anything you told me about Jesse or they would probably have him arrested and brought up on charges of child molesting, since he is an adult."Sean answered, "Well, thank god for that! Damn it is going nn younger teens to be difficult to give up those Cuban stallions as daddy ordered, then to have to share daddy with both Mommy Dearest and you sis. Finding some freshman guy my own age that knows how to fuck like those three Cubans is young incest toplist going to be difficult, let alone impossible."Tracy responded with, "There is no reason to give up any of your Cuban stallions. I young forbidden sex young jap pussy certainly never gave up any of my boyfriends when I was told the same bull shit by mom and dad. When there's a will there's a way Sean. With a bit of training from your experienced big sister, a few lies and me running interference for you, you should be able to have every big wild and wonderful dick you want. Now when Renaldo calls you this morning, be sure and let me talk with him so I can fill him in on what has happened, how to come and go from here and not get caught doing it by the Gestapo. I only got caught a few times and was punished, but it was well worth it. However, I did hate being pulled from public high school in my junior year, having to finish up doing home schooling, especially with 'The Bitch' running my schooling. I would have never made it through those years had it not been for my craftiness and determination."As they were talking together Sean's cell phone beeped. It was Renaldo. teen young nude After a few minutes of conversation, Sean handed the phone to Tracy. She brought him up to date on everything, directing him to park and wait for them near the convenience store one block petite tiny young from their house. After that conversation with Renaldo, Tracy told daddy young sister nude that she was taking Sean shopping for something really sexy for him to wear to bed at night. Daddy lightened right up, agreed it would be a great idea! He even forked out cash for the purchase. Fortunately, Mommy Dearest was next door visiting with the neighbor, so Tracy and Sean pulled away in Tracy's compact car making a clean get away.They spotted the blue Dodge van, parked alongside and Sean opened the side slider door and started to climb in. Renaldo said, "No Tracy in the back, Sean you up front here with me babe! You look sexy as hell in that yellow and white King's silky jersey and long shorts, the white Reebok's too, but you better have nothing on underneath like I told you illegal sexe young girl. Stand up a moment, let me check." Sean rose from the passenger's bucket seat as Renaldo turned facing him and ran his hand up under the material of the loose silky leg material. He felt nothing but skin all the way to Sean's hairless boy pussy. He gave it a little 14y young nonude massage and a few pokes with his fingertips. "That's my girl - followed my order right to the tee, even greased it up a bit too I see. Great! No tight undies to have to fight with to get to that hot boy pussy today like I did all day yesterday at school when you had those tight panties on of Tracy's." He motioned to Tracy. " OK! Now it's your turn Tracy - stand up here and let me feel what you got on under that young asian boys skirt." He ran a couple of fingers up into her and played with the little man in the boat until she was squirming. "Good! Mmmm, nice and wet already too!" He removed the fingers from her honey pot, put the fingers to Ass russian young his nose, smiled and put them it to his nose, then his mouth for a good long taste. "Mmmm great - warm, sweet and tasty! Jesse is going to eat you youngest boypics alive when young russians sex he gets a taste of you young masterbation girl! Come closer and give me another taste." He put the young femdom finger back into her and brought it back to his mouth two more times young kiddie sex before he told her to sit back on the futon and spread her legs open so he could see her snatch in the mirror as he drove. His left hand was busy squeezing his basket as he drove to Jesse's apartment.As they pulled around to the backside of the apartment complex to park, Jesse was at the illegal young toplist dumpster, shirtless in a pair young puberty fuck of tattered, faded Levi's that had the denim material ripped out at the knees, and still wearing his black hard-toe work boots. He was lifting the last of a series of huge full garbage bags into a large metal Dumpster. He was sweating profusely, almost glowing in the morning sunlight. Renaldo tapped the horn once to get his attention. He turned toward the van, smiled, nodded and started to walk toward them. young xxx girls The closer he got to the van the more pronounced his crotch stood out where the denim material was worn and faded a lighter shade where his equipment dressed. His basket, cock and balls were clearly defined, as being framed for a major porn magazine photo.As Jesse got closer Sean addressed Tracy, "Sis, just look at the basket he is sporting in those faded Levi's - both toplist young angels cock and young rape thumbs balls hanging down nude nubile young the left thigh forming that huge pouch. Talk about truth in advertising! Kind of makes my mouth dry and my pussy pucker - how about you sis?""Oh my, my! Yes Brother - my cunt is a twitching, dripping just eyeballing that monster! He is just what this girl needs after Renaldo fingered me, plus listening to you and dad go at it this morning. Jesse can bone me all day with that big thing. Looks to be everything a young nudists pics girl could want, and all wrapped onto one big gorgeous hunk." Renaldo had already exited the van and was opening both the side and passenger doors just as Jesse stopped not four feet away. He was rubbing his left hand back and forth over his six-pack abdominal muscles, just watching as Renaldo helped Sean down out of the van, then turned and helped Tracy out of the side entrance. Jesse just stood there observing, still rubbing his six-pack. When he got his first good view of Tracy stepping out of the van, his right hand unconsciously went immediately to cupping and squeezing over the naturism young forbidden ass youngest free bulge in his Levi's.Sean cleared his throat, then spoke, "Jesse meet angus young gallery my sis Tracy. Tracy, this is Jesse Alvarez, Renaldo's brother. Jesse stepped right up to Tracy, immediately pulling her into his arms, sniffed her hair, then verry young incest lifted her and looked down into her blue eyes. He broke into a big smile. As Renaldo had done to Sean the previous day, Jesse stuck out his tongue and in one long sweep, licked her from chin up over her cheek to her left ear, then gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. Sean realized this young free ponr must be either a Cuban custom or one the Alvarez men had adopted over the years.Jesse then softly whispered, "Renaldo told me you were a beautiful blond like Sean, but he failed to tell me you are so lush, sexy, real prime model material." He already had worked his hand up under her short skirt squeezing her buns, so he realized she was running bare bottom. He moved his hand around front and ran his middle finger up between her moist pussy lips and fingered her. young nude nymphs Like Renaldo had done, the finger went to his nose, lips and then he sucked on it before returning it up under her skirt. He muttered something in Cuban to his brother, then said, "Yes, you are going to get some prime Cuban dick today girl. He lifted her into his arms and headed for the apartment.When Renaldo ushered Sean into the apartment they could see that Jesse had already picked up the clutter of papers, empty fast food containers, beer cans and emptied the dirty ashtrays. The beer cans were in young virgin clips a couple of plastic garbage bags and sat near the front door and the aluminum beer cans were in a big plastic garbage can. The vacuum cleaner was standing in the middle of the room waiting for the cleaning crew to arrive. It was nude youngest video obvious that Jesse had at least started mucking xxx young 15 out the heavy garbage from his filthy apartment, but it was still a mess, especially the kitchen and dining area. Renaldo chuckled to himself and said, "Jesse is going to be busy for awhile with your sister, Just you and me for awhile babe." He grabbed Sean by the hair, led him roughly to the sofa, pushed him face down over the sofa back and pulled Sean's shorts down over his shoes and tossed them on the side table. Sean's loose silky King's jersey automatically rode up and settled at pit level exposing his nipples to the rough material of the sofa cushions. To Sean, he felt excited, thinking he was going to be screwed in this position."Now you little bitch, I'm going to give you a taste of the kind of punishment you will dirty young bitches be getting each time you give me that familiar look of disgust as you did yesterday when I was checking illegal younger thumbs out your sister in the back of young blow jobs the van. Don't you ever get possessive with me, thinking you own me. You ever do that again or give me even the slightest look of defiance when I give you an order and this will be your young girls vid immediate punishment." He ripped his black leather belt from his Chinos, wrapped 1 young porn the buckle around his right palm a couple of times and left the remaining length dangle over the edge of the sofa and turned Sean's face sideways so he could get a good look it's working end. "This is xxx 3d young the Alvarez enforcer babe, so get a good look at it, remember its' sting well before you start to mouth off, defy me, or refuse to follow any of my orders or commands in the future."While Sean was still watching he warmed up his arm download young rape and aim by swatting the sofa cushions three or four times, making a slight dust cloud and a very loud sound. Sean cringed at the overt display of domination. Renaldo then stood off to the side of Sean and began lightly rubbing the leather around on the young snuff photo little guy's bare buns and down young teens movies over his thighs before he began. Suddenly, out of the blue - youngest amsterdam escort WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Striking down over Sean's buns, leaving three distinct red marks.Sean let out ilegal young porno an earth-shattering scream and shouted, "OUCH - THAT REALLY HURT - YOU CUBAN BASTARD MOTHER FUCKER!"Renaldo responded, "And when you really piss me off calling me names that are an insult to my family you get a taste of the bd company young belt on angry young man the back of your thighs and calves." WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Three on the thighs, then young russian blowjobs WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The calves took three more, as Sean held his tongue from spouting any more remarks, but the tears were flowing from his eyes."You will soon learn total obedience or spend more time in this position tasting my belt, might even grow to like it too if I decide to turn you into a S&M bitch. Now let's just see how much you liked that little taste of my belt." He lifted Sean up and stood him next to him and ran his hand down over the red welts on his ass, thighs and calves, gave Sean's ass a smack with his hand and said, "I thought so - look at that big hard-on you are sporting babe. You're already turned to very young nude the feel of the belt action. Uh huh! Wait until Jesse hears about this. Now get back over the back of the sofa so I can let my groin and balls feel the warmth the belt young female tgp put onto your buns. I love to fuck tight white boy pussy after it has been warmed well by the belt. Here, use this rag if you start to drip boy juice bitch, don't mess up the sofa with it or I'll give you another taste of the belt right across your balls you won't soon forget." He pulled back his foreskin, lined up his huge cock against Sean's hot buns, gave them a swift smack with his hand and buried amateur young facials his long dick until his balls lodged against Sean's flaming hot red welts. He said something obviously filthy to himself in his native tongue as he let his balls lust against the heat, then groaned with pleasure and began to fuck ass with a vengeance. He dropped his first load quickly, but continued to slowly screw Sean's hot ass young nude 13 until he was pumping back at full speed again. He screwed Sean's hot tight ass for another half-hour, bringing the little guy to two huge organisms, before he eventually stiffened and dropped another powerful series of hardcore young teens jizz shots into Sean's boy pussy depository. He lay over Sean and rested for a moment, his perspiration dripping off him, running down over Sean's body.When he stood and lifted Sean back up standing, he said, "I know that won't be the last taste of my belt you will be receiving. I could tell you like it as much as I do babe! Now get your shorts on and to young toplist start mucking out this apartment for Jesse. You start in the kitchen and when Jesse gets through with Tracy she will be joining you until this place is squeaky-clean. You will find everything you need to clean either under the sink, in the broom closet, the hall closet or under the bathroom sinks. The Alvarez men don't clean house, do laundry or do the daily cooking. Now get your ass moving girl." He threatened to lash out at Sean with his belt again to get him motivated. "Oh yea - bring me a cold beer from the icebox first bitch."Eventually Jesse and Tracy came partially dressed from the bedroom. Tracy was dressed, except for no bra, still no panties and no shoes. Being adequately stacked, her boobs bounced and jiggled with each step. Jesse was in top young incest the same pair of Levi's, top three buttons unbuttoned and sporting a good size basket yet with a good size wet spot identifying the exact location of oldyoungtgp his dribbling dick head. He ushered Tracy young peaches into the kitchen where Sean was washing a sink full of dishes, silverware, and glasses. He spun them both around facing him, smiled and said, "You two do a good job mucking out young girls swimming this place today and then I'll take Tracy to Save-Mart down the street and get us some grub. All I got in the refrigerator now is beer, tequila and some magic young porn poppers. The faster you get started girls, the sooner we eat - it's that simple. NOW GET MOVING!" He grabbed a couple of beers from the refrigerator, the fixings for some roll your own reefers and headed to the opposite end of the sofa from where Renaldo was seated with the free youngest pussy clicker in his hand watching sports central.About two hours later, after Jesse and Renaldo had smoked a few reefers young 16 porno and drank three more beers each, Tracy and Sean came forward and said they were through with photos nudist young the cleaning. Naturally the guys did a thorough inspection. Jesse was not pleased with the bathrooms and topless young girl asked who had cleaned the toilet, sinks, tub and shower curtains. Tracy put up her hand and said, "I did, but I don't clean toilet bowls, filthy sinks, or mildew off shower curtains without rubber gloves."Jesse responded with, "Look in that bottom shelf in the linen closet and you will find a brand new pair of nice pink rubber gloves. Get them and get busy cleaning these bathrooms properly, and hurry it up Renaldo and I are starving!" After another successful inspection, Jesse took Tracy shopping as Renaldo pulled Sean into the sofa next to him. He leaned him over enough to sexy young teeny work his fingers up under his jersey to fondle and amateur young 15 squeeze his good size nipples until they stood erect and caused Sean to sport an erection. Renaldo lit up a joint, inhaled deeply and put his mouth over Sean's and blew the smoke in his mouth. Sean, asian nude young of course, went into a coughing jag. He broke away but for a moment as Renaldo grabbed him by the hair and held him. "Damn girl, I suppose you never smoked before either. Well, this is your lucky day once again." He continued to force his mouthfuls of smoke down into Sean's mouth, doing it over and over, refusing to accept his fate.Renaldo smacked Sean across the youngest girl porn face and demanded, "Don't you be fighting me now babe or I'll give you another taste of the belt." He put the reefer to Sean's lips and taught him how to smoke, inhale and hold the smoke in his lungs. After a few more coughing jags, Sean was learning to inhale without too much difficulty. Before long he was naturally getting stoned and going through a bad case of what I always refer to as the cold shivers. Renaldo chuckled to himself, watching Sean start to cry a little. He pulled Sean into his arms, rubbed his back, neck and stroked his head until the little guy calmed down, warmed up and stopped shivering. They shared another joint and Renaldo placed Sean on the floor between his legs, opened up his Chino's again and guided Sean's face into his groin. He just vary young porn left Sean in that position, sniffing and rolling his face in the long black hair over Renaldo's flaccid cock. The little guy was stoned. Renaldo continued watching the sports event as Sean sniffed around enough to bring the sensitive Cuban cock to life. As the cock grew, expanding to full size, Sean began to nestle into a steady routine of licking, kissing, and sniffing until Renaldo reached down and helped Sean lift his head up enough to get his dick head started in between his lips. A few little slaps on his face and the little guy opened his eyes and started to suck dick like he was expected to do for his Cuban master. Renaldo whispered, "Down the hatch bitch," and Sean's young chineese porn young throat muscles opened to accept the throbbing and pulsating salami down his throat.Sean was still kneeled in front of his Cuban Stallion sucking cock and chewing lightly on balls when Jesse and Tracy came back with plastic bags full of groceries. Tracy took one look at Sean and addressed Renaldo, "He's stoned out of his mind - just look at what you have done to my little brother. Hell, he's too young to get him stoned and drooling all over your cock like that Renaldo."Renaldo was also pretty wasted as he responded with, "Your baby brother is my boy bitch - just you watch what you say about how I nudist young teens choose to train or treat him. naturist dvd young He's in training now babe, learning to play with his new toy - this Cuban Throat Expander." As Jesse entered the apartment with the final load of groceries from his pick-up, Renaldo said, "Hey Jesse, I thought you were going to get Tracy in the kitchen fixing us something to eat. How about getting her out of my face giving me lip man before I give her a good taste of the belt like I had to do with her baby brother earlier."Jesse young pubescent nude shouted, "Tracy don't be a bitch! Get your ass in here, put the food away and fix us young european nudes all something quick to eat babe!" He grabbed four cold beers youngs naked galleries from the refrigerator young daughters nude and an aspirin container young daughter fucking from a drawer, took the lid off the aspirin container and dumped two pills into his palm. He opened one beer, grabbed Tracy by the long hair, and said, "Open wide babe!"She responded, "I don't take anything without knowing what it is Jesse!" He sat the two pills on the counter, lifted her skirt and gave her two hefty pops on her bare ass, still holding her in place with her hair. "I said, open up bitch women young porn and take the pill - just a little Ecstasy pill, that's all babes - by the time you get our lunch ready and we eat, you will be ready for some more great Cuban style love babe! Down the hatch now!" He popped the pill into her mouth, popped one of the beer cans open and youngest teens sex made her chug most of it down. "Now get started with that lunch!" He grabbed the other pill, the three beers and headed for the sofa, smiling naked young moms down at Sean. The little guy was still nude young men nestled into Renaldo's groin busily sucking cock and balls.Addressing Renaldo he said, "Here brother, a little Ecstasy for your pretty little boy bitch." He lifted Sean's head from Renaldo's young body builders crotch, held his head back and dropped a young babies nude pill into his mouth. Renaldo already had the beer open and pored a hefty amount down into Sean's mouth and said, "Down the hatch babe - make you nice and horny all afternoon so your Cuban stallion can fuck you into a frenzy of lustful moans young boys fetish and high pitched squeals babes. You will want to ride your Cuban naked russian young stallion, play horsy and bounce in the saddle all afternoon babes!" He slowly emptied the balance of the beer down Sean's throat before returning him to nest back into his groin. He then nestled back into the sofa as Jesse sucking up his beer watching the football game sharing another joint.Renaldo commented, "I hope that Ecstasy gets him going again brother, the pot just turned him into a zombie."Jesse chuckled, "It will brother - it will! By the time lunch is over he and sis Tracy are going to be so horny they are going to be all over us - GUARANTEED!" Enjoy this young forums nonude addition to the story and please let me know if you like the direction the story is taking if you decide to email me with your remarks. Thanks!
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